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For the last 40 years, I have dedicated my life to helping others perform their best and be their best. I believe there is a champion in everyone. I believe there's a champion in you.

Featured Product: The Champion's Way

The Champion’s Way is a 12 module on-line course where I will equip you with the foundations of peak performance. You will free up your mind, develop inner confidence, and think like a champion so you can perform like one—because you are one!

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The Champion's Way Offerings

The Champion's Way Course

Core Foundations for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life. Discover champion mindsets and a holistic approach to peak performance.

Course + 6 Private Coaching Sessions

The course plus individual coaching is most suited for the serious competitor who wants to go to the next level in his competitive play.
View course $1,800

Course + 12-Week Group Mentorship + 2 Private Coaching Sessions

The group mentoring offering is a great way to elevate your development as a champion in the context a mastermind group.
View course $2,400

Veronica Karaman's Books

The Champion's Way e-Book

The Champion’s Way is a framework of thought, instilling in a competitor a simple, practical, and holistic approach to peak performance.
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The Champion’s Way Trophy Case

“The Champion’s Way approach to peak performance helped my son achieve superior focus and passion in preparation for his big tournament. In just 2 weeks’ time, he went out and shot a 66,  winning a big GAO tournament at 12 years old!”
★★★★★ - Shannon S.
“At 70 years old, Veronica helped me move from the executive course to the championship course where I just shot the best round of my life in only two months’ time of The Champion’s Way.”
★★★★★ - Mary Anne
“I developed mental toughness and began to believe I could be the champion I desired to be. I went from shooting 88 to 76 in just three weeks, finishing 3rd in the State High School Championship, thanks to The Champion’s Way.”
★★★★★ - Meghan S.
“I have had a lot of world class trainers and mentors as an aspiring junior golfer, but no one has ever referred to me as a champion until now. Thanks Coach Veronica!”
★★★★★ - Hector
“Coach Veronica taught me how to think like a champion and then become one!”
★★★★★ - Lotte F.
“Veronica helped me achieve what I thought was impossible.
I had my personal best in all four categories of the state championship. I developed a greater love for my sport, and grew closer to my family and God through the process.”
★★★★★ - Andrew J.
“After the one day Champion’s Way workshop on peak performance, my son shot the best competitive round of his life from the back tees. As a result, he was invited to play in a higher level championship.”
★★★★★ - Michael G.
“Thanks to The Champion’s Way system, I went from shooting 77 to 64---in just a few short weeks. I learned how to meditate before my round of golf, quiet my mind, and overcome disempowering emotions!”
★★★★★ - G. P.
“Veronica helped me unlock my golf dream and I dared to pursue it! My confidence has soared. I moved from the senior tees to the champion tees in competition--and it's great to feel joy on and off the course. I also went from a 7 to a 4 handicap at 68 years old.”
★★★★★ - Sandi T.
“Alissa’s goal was to finish in the top 10 in the U.S. Kids World Championship.  Engaging in The Champion’s Way system empowered her to finish 6th.  The spiritual principle of playing with a higher purpose gave her meaning and the competitive edge. It empowered her three years later to finish in the top 50 in the Canadian Women’s Open as a 13 year old.”
★★★★★ - Michelle G.
“Our sons finished #1 and #2 in the State Championship, shooting in the 60’s. Both have voiced that The Champion's Way made a huge difference in their game.  In the past, their mishits would have resulted in tears, hanging heads, and feelings of defeat.  Now after a bad hole, they stay calm, can immediately make come-back birdies, and play like champions!  Your fingerprint is all over their recent victories. Thank you, Veronica for helping our family!”
★★★★★ - Travis and Teresa Verge